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Marketing, Communications and Public Relations expertise.

What is a buyer’s journey and when does it begin?

Simply defined, the buyer’s journey is the process a business conducts when preparing to make a purchase. For most businesses, it is a four-stage process. The first thing to know about a buyer’s journey is that it can vary from … Continue reading

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Continuity Matters in Messaging and Visual Communications

Small business owners may have great intentions when it comes to marketing their company, but if the information about the company or your products is confusing or not conveyed in a clear, consistent manner by all concerned, it can affect … Continue reading

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Helping You Conquer Your Fears

Starting a business can be a scary experience, however, the ups are far greater than the downs. You may never match the exhilaration and freedom you feel in the first months and years of becoming a business owner and master … Continue reading

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